Mountain Area Home and Garden show

TP will have a booth at the Mountain Area Home and Garden show this weekend, May 18 and 19. We hope to get our name out to schools in the area for potential partner opportunities. Also looking for funding and good, used computers.

Barb has been busy!


Barb Bates at the 2013 World Affairs Challenge

Our founder Barb Bates has been getting the TP name out there and continuously moving the organization forward. Here are some updates on what she has been up to:

2013 World Affairs Challenge

TP had a booth at the 2013 World Affairs Challenge: HS and MS Global competition sponsored by Center for Teaching International Relations (CTIR) held at Regis University. Teams of high school and middle school students presented skits demonstrating a global project they had initiated during the year. These kids are doing wonderful things and I’d like to connect with them. The schools would be good candidates as partners for our schools in Meru.
Mullen HS, Cherokee Trail HS, Mountain Ridge MS were a few that have goal congruent with TP. I met Chris Katsaros at this event co-founder of Nokero, an award-winning inventor and producer of alternate energy sources for areas without electricity. They will also be tenants in the Posner Center, a collaborative spot for on-profits working outside the US, at 33rd and Walnut where we will have a space starting in July this year.

Training Opportunities

Joanie and I met with Tom Albright who is the head of the Kenya Methodist University Association – American fundraising arm of KEMU, the university we partner with in Kenya. We talked about the new Meru Town Center (KEMU branch classrooms) across from Nakumat in downtown Meru. They have night and weekend classes there. A potential space for us to hold training. Tom also invited us to use his connection to the VC of KEMU in order to speed our programs or communications. TP is looking to get a faculty development program going via Adobe Connect, sponsored by James Caldwell, our board member and President of DeVry Colorado.

Coalition for African Empowerment

Met with the Colorado Coalition for African Empowerment, headed up by Barbara Novick and Mike Chesnut, a former Proctor and Gamble executive who now is involved with SCORE, a group of retired executives who volunteer their business acumen for non-profits. Barbara is a great connector and also grant writer. We hope to get some larger grants by partnering with the 12 other African non-profits in CCAE.

Barbara held a meeting Friday, May 10 in which I met Mark Reiner, president of a non-profit, ICATIS, International Centers of Appropriate Technology and Indigenous Sustainability. He has developed a system for making clay water filters and would like to speak to the MBA classes at KEMU over our Adobe connect system in order to get some entrepreneurs on board to start the small businesses making, distributing, and selling these water filters in Kenya. I love this cross collaboration.

Posner Center

Joanie and I met with the small tenants group from the Posner center (horsebarn) to start getting details of our rental agreement, participation fee, ideas for collaboration and decision-making for small tenants of the Posner Center. Doug Vilsack is the newly appointed executive director for the Posner Center. Mike Weisner is heading up the small tenants group. There is lots of room right now for input from all the tenants about our mission, criteria for including other small tenants, and potential uses of the common space (which is 50% of the building).

Trip to Kenya

We currently have 5 people going to Kenya this summer. They are excited about connecting schools in Kenya to local schools here in Colorado. More updates about the trip to come!