Summer 2013 Teacher Training Trip with Volunteers a Great Success

The team had a great trip back to Meru. This trip focused on additional training for the teachers and providing more resources to the community.

Here is the team:

John and Barb

John and Barb



Riki and Amos

Riki and Amos

Riki and Eli

Riki and Eli

Tiffany and Julie

Tiffany and Julie

Week 1

This time around we were hosted by the Kenya Methodist University. They have some nice, well-maintained computer labs in which we could teach.





A big surprise for us was how many repeat teachers we had! Of the 52 teachers we were training, 35 had already mastered the basics and were ready to move on to the advanced course. This necessitated the development of an advanced course right then and there.



The advanced course was based on using online resources, including how to find and evaluate resources online, how to guide students to reputable resources, and how to integrate those resources into a curriculum. The advanced course also covered how to use Rachel in schools without an internet connection. We were able to bring copies of Rachel to install in the schools while the teaching was going on. We are very excited to have such an amazing collection of resources!


Some of the other teacher-training topics included how to use MS word, Excel, and PowerPoint, which we taught with the Intel TEACH program. Critical thinking and student-centered teaching were a big focus, and the teachers took to the approach very well.


We were thrilled with the progress the teachers were able to make in just 4 days!


A Weekend Excursion

For the weekend we were able to take a trip up to Mt. Kenya (19,000 ft) and hiked up to 11,000 ft.

image31 image30 image29

Week 2

During week 2, we were able to visit the schools and check on the donated equipment as well as teach some of the students.

image32 image33

We also got to set up the donated projectors from DeVry! Here is a primary school with a new projector:


Nokero Solar Bulbs

One of the benefits to our new location in the Posner Center for International Development in Denver is the connections we are able to make. This time around, we were able to bring some solar light bulbs from Nokero out to a rural school in Kenya.

image35 image36


After putting in all the hard work for the trip, the team was able to enjoy the wildlife:

image43 image42 image41 image40 image39 image38 image37 image58 image55image56 image54 image53 image52 image51 image50 image49 image48 image46 image45