Technology Partnership Students Compete in the World Affairs Challenge

We’re delighted to announce that three of our partner schools are participating in this year’s World Affairs Challenge, a student competition managed by a group at the Posner Center for International Development, where Technology Partnership is housed. The attached video features a participating student’s responses to the questions: what are your hobbies, and what woman do you admire and why? The theme of this year’s competition is gender equity.

She says, “My name is Crystal Gatwiri. I enjoy singing, and the woman I admire most, though not renowned, is Mercy Chidi, the founder of Ripples International, an organization which gives a lease of life to abandoned children and victims of sexual abuse.”

This is the first year World Affairs Challenge is reaching out to schools outside the United States to participate in its dialogue and mentoring about global issues. Crystal is from Fred’s Academy, where our Kenya director, John Kamwara, teaches.