A Message from Technology Partnership Founder and US Director Barbara Bates

Five years ago, I traveled to Kenya to learn about increasing the effectiveness of the educational system in the city of Meru, and to identify opportunities for connection and collaboration between Meru schools and schools in the Denver metro area. I encountered amazing schools with engaged and bright students, and high-quality, professional teachers. Despite the dedication of the students and teachers, scarce educational resources limited the quality of education at these schools. I realized that Kenyan schools and students could leverage their existing strengths by connecting with the rest of the global community with the right mix of educational hardware, software and training.

Upon returning home, I recognized that the educational communities in Colorado and Meru could complement one another in powerful ways. My vision was to connect schools in Meru with schools in Colorado for the mutual benefit of all of the students, teachers and staff on two continents. Colorado schools could provide IT hardware, software and training opportunities. In turn, Meru schools could provide new perspectives for Colorado students, opportunities for service learning and a window into the world that emerging technology students will be working with over the next few decades.

Five years later, my initial work and connections have blossomed into an impactful and well-positioned partnership between schools in Meru and Colorado. Technology Partnership is developing rapidly, owing to the enthusiasm and support of participants in Kenya and in the United States, which means that we need to make sure we are growing sustainably. With your support, we can continue to fully fund shipments of computers, develop and deliver appropriate training, create oversight and evaluation programs, and foster authentic social and cultural learning and connection.

In December 2010 we received our official 501c3 tax-exempt status from the Internal Revenue Service. This will greatly increase our ability to generate funds from foundations, government programs and private individuals. This will, in turn, increase our capacity to connect schools in Kenya and the United States and bring the schools of Kenya into the digital age. All monetary and in-kind donations to Technology Partnership qualify as charitable contributions and are tax-deductible.

Together we can strengthen the connections we have, further develop programs in Kenya, and build an educational and cultural model that can lead to strong and sustainable partnerships in new learning communities in any part of the world.

With sincere gratitude,

Barbara Bates, PhD, President and Founder of Technology Partnership

Supported by the Board of Directors: Clarence Snelling, Steve Bates, Joanie Calhoun, George Awuor, Darcy Varney, Elma VonMichaelis

photo: DianaSabreen.com